Average price for 1 ton of wheat flour in Ukraine (EXW) on 13.02.2017
Premium Grade Wheat Flour(bulk):
6360 UAH
Premium Grade Wheat Flour(50kg):
6480 UAH
First Grade Wheat Flour(bulk):
6200 UAH
First Grade Wheat Flour(50kg):
6300 UAH
EUR/UAH39.8 / 40.8
USD/UAH38.8 / 39.1
/ /
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Today, this brand with a century of history - one of the leading manufacturers of cereal, muesli, cereals, grains and flour in Ukraine. Its history is rich with tradition and unique recipes. It is no coincidence the TM became a partner and patron Ivan Honchar Museum. The ornaments used in the design of packs, designed museum. Each of these displays symbols and heritage of different regions of Ukraine.



Stability, reliability and warranty. We will ensure the stability of high quality of products.

Our key features are flawless business reputation, high-quality products, delivery reliability and professionalism of our employees.

  • The stability of product quality guarantees to ensure the terms and volume of delivery.
  • Accuracy and quality of execution of orders on any of the circuits supply Incoterms 2010. You are always provided with the products exactly on time.
  • Flexible pricing policies. To build a long-term business relationship, we are open to discussion and approval of the individual payment conditions.
  • The guarantee of stability and quality. We confirm our professionalism not only by certificates, but also with a successful history of collaboration with key players in the market.
  • Fair and competitive price. We guarantee provision of a transparent average market price for the products. You will be always in the trend.
  • Additional guarantees. Taking care of your confidence in the future, we are ready to conclude long-term hedge contracts insuring your risks in a period of instability.

"Ukr-Agro-Products" LLC works in the agricultural sector since 2007, supplying premium and first-grade wheat flour on B2B market of Ukraine. Our customers are bakeries, confectioneries, macaroni producers, semi-finished and various baked goods producers.

Currently, the company does not only supplies all over Ukraine, but also actively works with the markets of Israel, China, UAE, Algeria, Georgia, North Korea, South Africa, Palestine, Angola, Syria, Chile, Mali constantly expanding the geography of international markets.

In "Ukr-Agro-Products" LLC together with partner processing enterprises, more than 1,000 employees are involved, which ensure the stability and quality of our services and products, both in Ukraine and abroad.

The high quality of the products and services granted by the company's modernized equipment with computerized controlling and all production process control, as well as by the advanced production technology.

Due to a strong industrial base and an efficient organizational structure, the company cooperates with the largest operators in Agricultural Market. The largest industrial enterprises of Ukraine produce goods with own brands and under the programs «Private Label» of our customers, distribution and transmission companies.

"Ukr-Agro-Products" LLC is a recognized leader in the domestic market of products of the milling industry, of which the main consumers are enterprises of baking, macaroni and confectionery industry and producers of semi-finished products.

High-performance equipment has turned the process of grain processing to smooth and flawless production process.

The company "Ukr-Agro-Products" LLC is a distributor of the largest grain processing enterprises of Ukraine strong and light white wheat flour on the basis of give and take and partnership, thanks to such cooperative relations we are able to supply all corners of Ukraine to provide the respective volumes.

The production capacity of PJSC "Pererobnik" is more than 240 tons of wheat per a day, of CJSC "Zaporizhia-Mlyn" - more than 140 tons per a day, of JSC “Vysokopolskiy bread-making complex”– more than 70 tons per a day, DPZKU “Novoukrainskiy bread-making complex” - more than 120 tons per a day. Total producing capacity is 13 500 tons of wheat per a month.

You can see accommodation of industrial enterprises of dealer network LLC "Ukr-Agro-Products" on the map of Ukraine by reference here.

High product quality corresponds the state standard DSTU 46.004-99, at every stage of production, rigorous laboratory control is carried out in compliance with quality indicators and standards of sanitary-epidemiological expertise.

Certificates of quality and phytosanitary certificates confirm each lot of flour.

Only half a century ago, most of the processes in the mills were done by hand. Today, the company has introduced innovative technologies to observe the entire process of grain processing on a computer screen, carefully measure and control the speed of flour. Exclusive know-how embedded in production; minimize the cost of processing a constant quality assurance of finished products.

The high quality of the finished product flour primarily depends on the quality of grain and on its proper storage. Our company uses for this purpose its own facilities, carefully monitoring the whole process of storage and handling. Each step is strictly controlled by a certified laboratory, from the fact of purchase, directly from farm enterprises and farms and flour until forming parties. This provides a complete production cycle unbreakable guaranteed yield of quality products.

Elevators capacity of partner farms of mill DPZKU “Novoukrainsky bread-making complex” is more than 145 thousand tons, of PJSC "Pererobnik" - more than 40 million tons, SC "DP Agroservis 2000" - more than 36 thousand tons, "Volnjanskiy Elevator" LLC - more than 48 thousand tons, and others.

The company was among the first in Ukraine has received a certificate of compliance services for the storage of grain and its products, issued by the State Inspectorate of Agriculture in Ukraine. This enables all subjects of the grain market (banks, specialized grain traders and commodity exchanges) have a guarantee of safety and compliance of all grains provided by the enterprise services with regulatory and technical regulations.

Industrial complexes such as Novoukrainsky CCIP, Pat "Pererobnik", LLC "Zaporizhmlyn", "DP Agroservice 2000" are constantly being upgraded with the introduction of modern computer systems and technologies for process automation. The main production processes are automated measurement and control of all stages of preparation and processing of wheat flour.

The production capacity of filling and packaging PJSC "Pererobnik" is 230 tons of wheat flour per a day, and CJSC "Zaporizhia-Mlyn" - 150 tons of wheat flour per a day, packing in 1kg / 2 kg / 5 kg paper bags, 25 kg / 50 kg polypropylene bags.

We are expanding our cooperation and work with companies in the form of its own brands «Private Label» for packaged flour, groats, flakes, and muesli, taking into account all the needs of the customer.

Our company will help you to create its own brand name, taking into account consumer preferences in your region for packaging from 1 to 50kg.

"Ukr-Agro-Products" LLC keeps pace with technological progress, constantly introducing innovative technologies into production with Digital and digital solutions.

High product quality meets the state standards DSTU 46.004-99, at every stage of production is carried out strict laboratory control.

Enterprises have passed the certification of quality management systems for compliance with DSTU ISO 9001: 2001.

CJSC "Zaporizhia-Mlyn" was certified according to the international certification scheme FSSC 22002, which gives the right for direct export.

Due to the high-quality standards of the company, SC "DP Agroservice 2000", proved by the Certificate of Food Safety Management System, has repeatedly won national competitions and exhibitions:

  • 2004 - the All-Ukrainian competition-exhibition "The Best Domestic Product of the Year" in the category "food" for the production of high-quality wheat flour;
  • 2005, SC "DP Agroservice 2000" was awarded an honorary sign "Higher test" for the quality of wheat flour, flour mixes and cereals, which are in high demand and confidence of consumers;
  • 2007 - the All-Ukrainian contest of quality products (goods, works, and services) "100 best goods of Ukraine" in the nomination "Foodstuffs" among medium-sized enterprises in the production of "wheat flour."

"Ukr-Agro-Products" LLC is a regular participant of agricultural exhibitions and events.

  • Full-service cycle without intermediaries
  • Hi-tech
  • Quality control at each stage
  • Taking responsibility for the risks

Reliable Distribution

From the present moment, the distance does not matter! The company "Ukr-Agro-Product" LLC has developed a distribution network that will deliver products anywhere in the world in short time.
The geography of the world distribution of our company covers more than 10 countries around the world and is constantly expanding. We guarantee reliable international transport, offering a full range of logistics services.
Our company is always ready to establish a reliable supply of goods to consumers throughout Ukraine. We provide additional logistics services, as a part of a complete service cycle from production to delivery to the customer's warehouse as a "turnkey order". We have a grand experience in supply on any delivery basis of Incoterms 2010 both by railway and by land.

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