Average price for 1 ton of wheat flour in Ukraine (EXW) on 13.02.2017
Premium Grade Wheat Flour(bulk):
6360 UAH
Premium Grade Wheat Flour(50kg):
6480 UAH
First Grade Wheat Flour(bulk):
6200 UAH
First Grade Wheat Flour(50kg):
6300 UAH
EUR/UAH36.6 / 37.6
USD/UAH35.3 / 35.7
/ /

Our services

"Ukr-Agro-Product" LLC offers a comprehensive mutually advantageous cooperation in the B2B market of Ukraine - bakery, confectionery, pasta makers, manufacturers and semi-finished products of all kinds of bakery products.

Technical capabilities

"Ukr-Agro-Product" LLC is now a full cycle, from procurement of raw materials, processing, production of finished products, packaging and delivery to the customer's warehouse. We are the exclusive distributors of the system and higher wheat flour and first grade, and also produce a wide range of cereals, flakes and muesli. Powerful mill complexes, equipped with foreign-made equipment, and modern elevators allow production of the highest class.

Learn about the industrial base you can see "information on production capacities"

We build long-term relationships with our partners, and to provide additional guarantees are ready to discuss and enter into forward contracts and hedging.

Production quality is confirmed by state standards in Ukraine and corresponds to GOST 26574-85 and DSTU 46.004-99. At each stage of production is carried out rigorous laboratory control the quality control department. Each shipment is provided by certificates of quality and hygiene certificates.

Качество продукции подтверждено государственными стандартами Украины и соответствует ГОСТ 26574-85 и ДСТУ 46.004-99. На каждом этапе производства осуществляется строгий лабораторный контроль отдела контроля качества. Каждая партия товара обеспечивается сертификатами качества и гигиеническими сертификатами.

"Ukr-Agro-Product" LLC on a regular basis and involved in winning public tenders and in tenders held by private companies, providing competitive conditions of supply.

By providing additional logistics services for any of the schemes Incoterms 2010, "Ukr-Agro-Product" LLC provides a full cycle service supply wheat flour senior and first grade turnkey, from production to delivery to the customer's warehouse.

Our company has extensive experience in the supply rail and road transport, containers and unpacked way. Our company has a presence in its own packaging line for packaging and packaging of flour and cereals. We are always happy to provide your individual orders and demands the key.

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We do it better than anyone else,
because we have key advantages:
  • Own production and resource base
  • A set of services provided without intermediaries: procurement, production, delivery.
  • Advanced technologies
  • Quality control
  • Timely delivery
  • Loyalty programs

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We provide additional logistical services for any of the schemes Incoterms 2010

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